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Saturday, April 25, 2009

SEX & CHOCOLATE by Reese Johnson

SEX & CHOCOLATE by Reese Johnson
Noble Romance Publishing

Jim Williams is tall, black and beautiful and when he meets gorgeous Steve Wheeler, the attraction is instantaneous and hot!Steve Wheeler hasn't been with a man in more than seven months, but when he meets his new associate, Steve wants to know more about Jim.As the two men get to know each other over golf and beer, they realize their chemistry is right on target and when they have dinner together at Steve's house, the sex is hotter still. But when Jim's ex-lover, Alan, comes back into his life with devastating news, will it be more than Jim and Steve's new love can survive?


Jim waved as Steve drove away, then walked into the lobby and got on the elevator. He had some things he needed to pick up from his office before he went home to get ready for his date with Steve. As he got off the elevator he saw Torri, still at her station. Surprised, he glanced at his watch. After five on a Friday. What was she doing there?

“Good evening, Mr. Williams,” she said with a bright smile.

“Good evening, Torri.” He emphasized her name and she giggled.

“And please call me Jim. Whenever you say Mr. Williams, I think my father’s behind me. And since he passed away more than ten years ago, that’s kind of scary.” He winked at her and she blushed. “Don’t let me keep you,” he said, “I have to grab a couple of things and then I’ll be on
my way.”

“I’m here till six every day, Mr. Wil-Jim.”

“Much better,” he said and winked at her again as he walked away.

Jim sat behind his desk and rummaged through some files until he found the paperwork he needed. He flipped through the brief he planned to work on that evening, then slid the file into his briefcase and shut the desk drawer. Just as he stood, there was a light tap on the door
and it opened just enough for Torri to stick her head inside.

“Am I interrupting anything important?”

“Not at all. Come on in,” he said. “What can I do for you?”

Torri stepped inside then shut the door behind her. She grinned broadly. “I noticed you don’t wear a wedding band, and I was wondering if would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?” She leaned back against the door and played with her hair in a manner Jim found distinctively seductive.

Her question and her actions caught him off guard. “Oh . . . well . .. .”

“If you already have plans, don’t worry about it,” she said, and took a step toward him.

Only then did Jim notice she’d unbuttoned her blouse to show quite a bit of her cleavage. He said, “No. I just didn’t know intra-office dating was allowed.”

Torri giggled. “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Jim uttered an uneasy laugh. “I actually planned on going golfing tomorrow, and that’s usually followed by supper. So, thank you for the invitation, but I really can’t.”

“Okay,” she said. “I just think you’re really cute and thought we could have a good time." She licked her lips and ran one hand across her breasts.

“I don’t think—”

Torri launched herself at him. Her mouth landed hard against hisand he reflexively caught her against him. Her hands flew to his head and her tongue forced its way into his mouth. Jim didn’t think. Instinctively, he moved his hands over her ass and up her back. He pulled her blouse from the waist of her skirt and slid his hands along her warm, silky skin. When he reached her bra, he unclasped the hook. Torri’s hands were everywhere as she explored his body. A few seconds later, Jim found himself standing with his boxers and pants around his ankles, his shirt unbuttoned and his tie hanging down his chest. Torri took a step back and pulled off her blouse and bra, then slid out of her skirt and stood before him wearing only a red garter belt and
hose. Jim inhaled. She was beautiful. All soft curves, pale skin and silky red hair. Even the small bit of well-trimmed pubic hair was bright red.